Tuesday, February 20, 2018

A New Parish Council

Congratulations to our new Parish Council, who were elected at the Annual Vestry Meeting on Sunday, February 18:

Bishop's Warden:                                Lei De Santis (continuing)
People's Warden:                                Chris Longley
Treasurer:                                            Ardella McLaren
Vestry Clerk:                                       Catherine Martin
Envelope Secretary:                             Barb Foley
Synod Delegates:                                Jennifer Green (continuing)
Christine Stoll
Youth Synod Delegate:                      Jeremiah Narayan
Alternate Synod Delegates:                Tony Sauder (continuing)
Arlene Sturn
Annette Smith
Youth Alternate Synod Delegate:      Logan Fulton
Members at Large:                              Bruce Middleton
Barbara Massie
Amy Williams

Thank you to the members who served on Parish Council for the last year.

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