Sunday, November 24, 2013

Update: Margaret Sherwood Ordained Deacon

Margaret Sherwood, a long-time member of St. Catherine’s Church, was ordained a Deacon on December 8.  See photographs of her ordination here.

Margaret will serve in our parish.  We offer congratulations and welcome the Reverend Margaret Sherwood as our new Deacon.

Margaret’s Statement of Vocation
It is my firm conviction that Almighty God has called me to servant ministry in His Church. My understanding of this calling has led me to the diaconate. The clergy and members of the Parish of St. Catherine’s and the Diocese of New Westminster have supported this understanding.
Unless God otherwise directs me, I offer myself to a lifetime of servant ministry including:

·         Identifying services to support the marginalized in Port Coquitlam;
·         Developing, creating and instituting creative programs for children and youth;
·         Nurturing the parish family through visitation and support for nursing home services, and Christian education initiatives;
·         Enabling and supporting the people of God in carrying out the baptismal ministries to which God calls them;
·         Being visible as a Deacon and performing the liturgical functions of a Deacon as set out in the liturgies of the Anglican Church of Canada; and
·         Assisting and supporting my Parish Priest
As my faith and family ties are in Port Coquitlam, I pray that I may fulfil this ministry in the community and within the Parish of St. Catherine’s, Diocese of New Westminster.