Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Do You Want to Be a Disciple?

Discipleship is learning to follow Jesus Christ.  The disciple’s primary relationship is with Jesus.  The disciple understands that his or her work is to do ministry.  Disciples talk about the relationship rather than activities, grow deeper in Jesus, and tell others about Jesus.  
Discipleship is a journey that includes
1.                  Daily prayer
2.                  Daily scripture reading
3.                  Weekly worship
4.                  Growth in giving
5.                  Serving others in Jesus’ name
6.                  Sharing the faith story with the unchurched
If you haven’t started your journey with daily prayer and scripture reading, you can start it now.  St. Catherine’s Sunday service bulletin includes a list of readings for the week.  Alternatively, you can find the readings – and read them – online.
Think about what you are reading.  Here are a few questions to help get you thinking:
1.                  What word(s), idea(s), or phrase(s) stand out for you?
2.                  What is the passage (or Jesus) saying to you?
3.                  What is Jesus calling you to do?
And here is a discipleship prayer from the Anglican Church of Canada’s Indigenous Ministries http://www.anglican.ca/im/introgbd/:

Creator, we give you thanks for all you are and all you bring to us for our visit within your creation. In Jesus, you place the Gospel in the centre of this Sacred Circle through which all of creation is related. You show us the way to live a generous and compassionate life. Give us your strength to live together with respect and commitment as we grow in your Spirit, for you are God, now and forever. Amen.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

St. Catherine's Christmas Display at the Outlet

St. Catherine's Nativity scene is on display at the Outlet in downtown Port Coquitlam.  Our Christmas tree is also there as part of the Port Coquitlam Heritage Tree Festival.